Pieces by Paloma is committed to creating fashion forward, individually hand crafted jewelry. All production is done by Libby Paloma in her upstate New York studio, where each piece is inspired by a stone, a bead, or a metal's particular aesthetic and composed from start to finish with careful attention to creative detail and artistic vision.

Making statements through jewelry and fashion has been a passion and a way of life for Paloma since she was a youngster growing up in San Francisco's Mission District. Paloma draws inspiration from her San Francisco roots, where urban fashion was a force that could bring people together, and her more recent love of the Hudson Valley, where she is perpetually rejuvenated and awed by the beauty around her.

Paloma has been known to describe the Pieces By Paloma aesthetic as merging a little bit of urban grit with a pinch of Chicana style and a sprig of witchines.

Paloma stands by her jewelry and wants all buyers to know that their product is guaranteed-- should anything other than regular wear and tear occur contact for free repairs. 

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